Garibaldi Annex is not under review for closure.

There has been a false report in the Vancouver Courier that
Garibaldi Annex is under review for closure. This is false information.

Diane Wilmann of Frog Hollow summarized the recent meeting with the
School Board:

Garibaldi Annex PAC Meeting Tuesday October 27, 2009

Garibaldi Annex
Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting
Tuesday October 27, 2009 - In the Library
6:30 PM
It is a pleasure to to invite you to attend the Parents Advisory Council meeting for Garibaldi Annex. This will provide an opportunity for parents to meet and discuss issues relating to the operation and business of the school. All parents with children enrolled at the school are members of the PAC and may come and participate. There will be opportunities to get updated on the school happenings and to get involved in some of the programs and events
which enhance our kids education. New members are especially welcome to join with the wonderful group of existing members who are dedicated to supporting their children and their school. I sincerely hope you that you can attend!

Free-range kids

I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto in the 70's. At that time, we walked to school with our friends right from kindergarten. We played on the street, in the parks without adult supervision. The general rule was to come home for meals and be back inside by the time the streetlights turned on.

Somewhere in the last 30 years this totally changed. But not because it's less safe. There have been highly publicized incidents of children abducted by strangers but this is very rare. We don't think twice about driving with our children even though this is far more likely to cause injury.

Cooking vegetables can increase nutrients

This article reports that cooking some vegetables, especially without water, can make more nutrients available, especially antioxidants.

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<Garibaldi Pac Meeting>

Garibaldi Pac Meeting will be held on May 5 at 6:30 in the library.

Fantastic News! We secured a $20,000 grant from the Government of BC!

Garibaldi Annex is $20,000 closer to making our playground vision a reality. This weekend, we received confirmation that a grant in the amount of $20,000 will deposited into our PAC gaming account towards erecting a new play structure by no later than September 2009.

Further to that great news received, we are in the process of applying for a grant with Home Depot in partnership Kaboom for the remainder of the funds, along with much needed support in the planning and building of the actual structure. We have been contacted by Home Depot and encouraged to submit our application after our initial e-mail to them.

To find out more about Kaboom, please visit

New Garibaldi Website

This new website has been created in order to get around some of the shortcomings of the other websites we've used. Feel free to contribute content.

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