Garibaldi Annex is not under review for closure.

There has been a false report in the Vancouver Courier that
Garibaldi Annex is under review for closure. This is false information.

Diane Wilmann of Frog Hollow summarized the recent meeting with the
School Board:

I did want to let you all know that last night’s update to the VSB board on Garibaldi went very well. The was a general sense of support for the program – Laurie (acting super) looked very pleased, Sharon Gregson said that it looked like they had made the right decision, and Rick said he was happy with the general progress of the bottom line even thought there is still a deficit. Al Blakey followed us out of the meeting to let us know how delighted he was with how things were progressing. It is really important to generate the remaining registration for 10-11 but I believe that everyone wants it to work now. The other thing that happened was that before the meeting began Jane Bouey – trustee and chair of the committee let us know that a reporter from the courier put an article about Garibaldi in yesterday’s newspaper which was wildly incorrect. The reporter had not read properly the report presented last night and took the opening section summarizing last year’s decision as being the current situation: rather than explaining all the changes that have happened since then. Jane immediately called and corrected her, she was very apologetic and will run a corrected story on Friday. Jane suggested letters to the editor so if any of you have the energy please write – Gary and I will also put something together. We also hope to use this opportunity to build a relationship with this reporter so that she might give more on-going accurate coverage of this good news story. However the most important thing is that our neighbours and potential parents are not confused into thinking the school is in danger again. This is a 3 year plan for success and we are doing well with enrolment targets and generating funds for the school. Please spread the word. If you have copies of the courier perhaps we can post them around to let people know of the error and provide the corrected version.
Anyway overall a very positive night – your hard work and dreams are paying off – Thank you for dreaming and working to achieve something great for our community and its kids.