PAC meeting minutes September 15th 2009

Garibaldi PAC Meeting Minutes:

September 15th 2009

Attendees: (did not receive list)

Welcome to new members & roundtable introductions
Update on funding: Grants have been cut in half this year, with the school receiving only $10 per student
Update on finances: (did not write down current balances)
Update on memberships – discussion and motion to renew DPAC membership: Hal, 2nded: Kate
Update on Food Day – scheduled for Thursday September 24th – discussion regarding integration of the garden and local food sourcing as part of the PAC lunches. Some concern posed regarding the implementation of the idea
Update on school numbers: presently there are 29 home learners, 58 full-time program and 66 VLN students enrolled at Garibaldi
Update on staffing: New staff include a Kindergarten position and library resource, three student teachers have joined the faculty
Update on technology: A new computer lab with 15 computers in now in use and being enjoyed by the kids. There is a unique id number assigned to each student for their use of the computers.
Update on Playground: The playground is OPEN!
The two structures were inspected and found to be leaning however the Inspector gave the go ahead to open them.
Some missing tools as a result of the build, if anyone has tools that don’t belong to them, please notify the school.
Looking for new fundraising initiatives to pay off the outstanding owing.
Waiting for confirmation from Starbucks as to how much is to be received
Prom Your Era was successful bringing in over $2,000
Meeting to take place tonight regarding new fundraising
Update on H1N1: School board is sending a notice home with students. Parents are concerned with the current taps in the kid’s bathrooms and are hoping that they can be replaced with ones that stay on.
Update on GAIT: Gate is to take place on September 22nd
PIE Announcement: PIE is taking place again on Fridays and will include ESL and Literacy training
Update on garden: looks great! Looking forward to new momentum in 2009/2010 school year.

Action Items/Standing Requests:
New taps in bathrooms requested
Lighting in schoolyard requested
Coat hooks in Kindergarten class too close

Nominations and elections for new PAC positions will be held on October 27th, 2009 - Next meeting October 27th, 2009