PAC meeting minutes October 27, 2009

PAC meeting minutes October 27, 2009
Attending: Hal Milne, Vivien Gomes, Jeanette Rainbow,Teresa Pan, Kamal Lal,
Jacinda Oldale, Mary-Ann Livesey, George Satori, Leanne Wong, Tuyen Nguyen, Lori Popadiuk, Bridget Browning.
1. Call to order 6:30pm
2. Agenda review
3. Approval and Adoption of previous minutes
4. Unfinished business
-Rita and teachers have requested a need for 2 weeks notice for hot lunch
5. Nomination and Election of PAC Executive Committee
-nominated and voted Tuyen for treasurer
-nominated and voted Hal for Chair
6. New business and new ideas for enhancing the children’s programming
-government grants to PACs have been cut by half this year ($10 per child)
-start a PAC email list
-Scott can set up email list through PAC website
-school looking to email notices, email newsletters
-Pac website, people can post and comment on posts
-discussion about event type things, theme days, talent shows
-Jacinda spoke and mentioned that Keira couldn’t attend the meeting, but
they would like garden work/team to continue
-suggestion to start a garden subcommittee
7. Update on Playground fundraiser
-need another $4000 for playground
-movie night & Silent Auction November 10 (potluck dessert)
8. Adjournment 8pm