Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary School Protest

The following message regarding the principal situation at Begbie was passed on by Kate Mulligan. See also the attachment following.
Hello all,

My name is Caroline Brunt and I am the co-chair of the PAC at Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary Shool. I am contacting you to inform you of a disagreement we are having with the VSB and request your help and support.

We at Begbie are protesting the fact that we were informed that our principle is being transferred to Queen Mary on the West side. We have had 5 principals in the last 7 years and the teachers, parents and students are upset and angry that this is happening - we need stability. We are are writing to you for 2 reason:

1) Has this been a problem/concern in your school? If so, please e-mail us with some statistics regarding the principal turnover in your school over the last 5-7 years.
2) If you agree that this is a concern, and can affect all schools in the North District, would you be willing to write a letter of support in our protest to the VSB?

We will be holding a PAC meeting at Sir Matthew Begbie School on Thursday May 22nd at 7pm where we will meet with Lynn Green (Area Superintendent), Carol Gibson (School Trustee) and hopefully, Chris Kelly (Chief Superintendent). We will be voicing our concerns and making it clear that we are not happy with this transfer and request that our principal be reinstated at Begbie. We have already had 2 phone conversations with Lynn Green regarding this issue and have sent a signed petition (300 signatures) to the above mentioned VSB executives. We have as yet not had this issue resoved to our satisfaction.

We are asking you to attend this meeting to support us. Please pass this invitation on to any other PAC chairs you know so that we can present a strong and united front to the VSB. We are also hoping to have at least one DPAC executive member attend the meeting.

Also, please find attached our initial letter to the VSB stating our concerns and requesting the reinstatement of our principal.

Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you at the meeting on the 22nd if you are able to attend.

Caroline Brunt
hm#604-255-1433 cell#604-315-7730

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