Garibladi Pac meeting minutes March 16th, 2010

Garibladi Pac meeting minutes
March 16th, 2010
Call to order: 6:30pm March 16, 2010
Round table introduction
Hal Milne, Tuyen, Keira, Laura Moino, Teresa Pan, Allan Lum, George Sortori, Ginette,
Anna Liguori, Bridget Browning, Lori Popadiuk.
Adoption of meeting minutes of February 20, 2010
Financial Updat and Playground
There is $1,122.80 in the Pac fund. Pac has approved to use these access funds towards the
VSB will receive first instalement of of $28,860.63 on March 19, 2010. This amount is
90% of the amount owed. The VSB had requested 95% by this date. There will be an
outstanding amount of $1,798.17.
Hal is meeting with the GM of Starbucks March 18, 2010 for an update and ask for the
possibility of payement soon.
George to have picture of Playground for Starbucks framed.
June Raffle will be on June 8, 2010
A comittee formed ­Lori
and George will coordinate the raffle.
Actions: letter to parents for donations and solicitation letterGinette
letter to go home april 5
odering of tables and chairsBridget
Movie night
Movie night was a success! Amount raised??
Next Movie night will be April 27th with title to be determined at a later date.
Arpil 20, 22, 27, 29th. Funds have been allocated.
Hot Lunch
March 25th. Hot Dog day. Leanne to purchase supplies and Hall to get notice
March 16th, 2010
Frog Hollow
Frog Hollow has lost the funding for PIRS this term. Possibility of PIE
picking up the ESL parents on Friday morning.
After school care. There is some confusion with informationt for the After School Care
program. Bridget to conatact Diane Willman at FH in regards to this issue.
Garden Update
Keira has informed us that the garden is begining to get some TLC. She
wants to plan a Clean Up Party for April 22 Witch would be on Earth Day. She reminds us
to utilise the garden and this is how we can pitch in. There is also a landscaper intersted in
helping us do some bordering and plan a pathway free of charge.
Shannon has organized two planting workshop for the students on March 23 and
May 4.
GAIT and Enrolement for 2010/11
Next GAIT meeting is March 18th.
Enrolement is up. We currently have 25 kindergaten students for September, this brings the
number of students to 76 for Sept last September there was 58 students.
There are 5 new Home Learners this brings them to 29 students for now, there is continued
enrolement for HL program.