Garibaldi Pac Meeting Minutes April 13th 2010

Garibaldi Pac Meeting Minutes
April 13th 2010
Call to order at 6:30 pm April 13th 2010
Roundtable introduction/ Agenda Review
George, Bridget, Barbara, Monique, Kate, Scott, Nadine, Hal, Fenton, Leanne, Tony, Ginette, Alex
Adoption of meeting minutes
will be done next meeting could not print
Financial update and Playground
Gaming ­
$39.74 after commitments
$136.82 after commitments
Short $863.38
Up date from Hal's meeting with GM of Starbucks. We have received $700 from Starbucks. There
was a miss communication on limits and time aloted. We are talking about having Starbucks come
again for other events.
The picture was framed and dilivered to Starbucks.
Spring Raffle
Actions for April
Tally of donations by April 27th
Mailing raffle license application by April 28th
Ticket printing – Scott to design tickets and Alex to print them
VSB School Cut Backs
There is a meeting at Shane Simpson office on Hatings st on April 16th at 2pm. George will try to
attend this info session.
There are serveral public meeting in the comming weeks, check the VSB web site for dates and
Movie night
April 27th, Pinocchio
Kate, Ellen, Terri to bring PopCorn machines
Leanne to buy supplies, Kate to bring projector, Allistar to provide screen and laptop.
Hot lunch
May 6th , Hot Dogs
Next Pac Meeting
May 11, 2010
Meeting Adjourned