June 17, 2008 Garibaldi Annex Implemenation Team (GAIT) Meeting Minutes

Hi Friends of Garibaldi!

Great ideas were exchanged last night with lots of great discussion! It was wonderful to have so many new faces and new home learners present, along with representation from our new V-P, Bridget and present V-P Anna-Maria, Steve Lott from the VLN program, Gary and Diane from Frog Hollow (FH) and Robin Anderson of CFEC + many more in attendance.

An update on the most recent "Garibaldi Annex Implementation Team" meeting took place with lots of details about plans for the 2008/2009 school year which included:

Discussion about the proposed Reggio Amelia daycare
- Gary provided details about size concerns, as the licensing body is recommending no more than 20 kids perhaps only 16 for the space would be feasible. He indicated that Frog Hollow is now working out a budget based on those numbers to see if it will be financially viable
- Gary also discussed other options such as a 4 to 5 hour daycare as opposed to full day or/and an after school care program operating out of the space

Diane brought us all up to speed on the early childhood education programs indicating that Frog Hollow has been granted the space for the 2008/2009 school year and that the school board will enter into a commitment for programs for the next year with FH. She indicated that the programs would then be reviewed for the following year.

The VSB has committed to various forms of marketing including updating the VSB website, creating a VSB flyer about what is happening for the preparation of the 2008/2009 school year.

The plan for a Community Garden is in the works however, approval must come from the VSB works department for the go ahead and all conditions must be met with regards to planting requirements.

Anna-Maria indicated that non-instructional time has been set aside for Theme planning (Arts, Culture & Sustainable Community)

Steve provided details regarding the Vancouver Learning Network (VLN) program and it's philosophy and indicated that he is hopeful that the proposed Distributed Learning program and VLN program can at sometime become one.

Most Home Learners present indicated that their interests were more aligned with the New Westminster approach for home-schooling, but were interested in exploring all options (combination of programs, etc.)

Discussion continued about the above points.

Committee Formation

It was determined that the following roles would exist for the Garibaldi Community Committee (still to be named):


Distributed Learning - Sarah Park
VLN - Steve Lott
Typical Program - Teacher (tbd)
Parent Advisory Council (PAC) - Kamal Lal
Arts, Culture and Sustainable Community - Kate Mulligan and Teacher Rep (tbd)
VSB Administration (tbd)
Frog Hollow Earlychildhood and LIfelong Leaning programs - Diane Wilmann and Robin Anderson
Daycare - Gary Dobbin
Technology - Scott Morgan
Marketing - (tbd)
Cultural Liaison - Leanne, Ann, Sharon, Sophia (one to attend each meeting)
Chair - Perhaps Hal if he is willing or if not if he is interested in another role?????

Of this group, we are looking to secure members to be representatives of this committee at GAIT meetings moving forward.
Needed: Distributed Learning (DL) rep, Cultural rep, Typical program rep, VLN rep, Frog Hollow reps, Cultural rep
The next GAIT meeting will be on Wednesday, June 25th at 4pm at the school

If you would still like to participate as part of the committee please let me know and let me know what you are interested in and I will add you to the list!

There will be an excursion to the New Westminster DL school on the 26th. If you are interested in coming along, please let Diane Wilmann, myself or Sarah Park know and we will try to accommodate this.

Let's keep the momentum going!

Kate Mulligan


would like to go on this

would like to go on this tour, probably will be interesting.