School Trustee Election Results

Vancouver has elected a majority of candidates for School Board Trustees from the Vision Vancouver (VV) and COPE (CPE) coalition. The election results (Elected Trustee, Party, Vote Count) are:

BACCHUS, Patti VV 64451
LOMBARDI, Mike VV 62772
CLEMENT, Ken VV 62096
GREGSON, Sharon E. VV 61417
WONG, Allan CPE 56027
BLAKEY, Al CPE 49045
BOUEY, Jane CPE 48227
DENIKE, Ken NPA 46777
GIBSON, Carol NPA 46048

This is good news for Garibaldi Annex as it is was the COPE Trustees that voted against the motion to close Garibaldi in the Fall of 2007 (although, the vote to keep Garibaldi open with the Frog Hollow Plan passed unanimously).

The full 2008 Vancouver Municipal Election results are here.