Use OpenDNS to Limit Your Children's Access to Dangerous Internet Content

There is now a free service called OpenDNS to help protect your children from accessing dangerous internet content. There is no software to load on your computer, and it will work with any computer. This is how it works. Whenever you type an address into your browser or click on a link, the browser will send your request to a computer called a Domain Name Server (DNS). The DNS will determine which computer in the world you want to connect to by looking up in a table the physical address of the computer, given the name of the website in your request. To use the OpenDNS service, you set up your computer to use the OpenDNS DNS servers instead of your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) DNS servers that your computer would use by default. The OpenDNS servers will filter out any dangerous requests so that your children will never see dangerous content. The filtered sites will include those "Phishing" for banking information, etc. You can filter out or allow any site, or you can use one of the standard filters already set up for school-aged children.

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