Organic Manure for Sale

Organic Manure for Sale

Hormone & antibiotic free, locally created, well rotted, 2 year old steer manure. Great for flowers or veggies! Tell your neighbors! Tell your friends! Proceeds go to Garibaldi School’s community garden.

Where: Garibaldi School
1025 Slocan Street
When: Saturday October 23rd
Time: 11 am-4pm
Cost: $5 per bag, wheelbarrow price negotiable

We need volunteers to help shovel… manure! Please bring your own shovel (or just bring yourself if you don’t have one).

Partners in Education (PIE) at Garibaldi

Partners in Education (PIE) at Garibaldi

When: Fridays, starting September 17, 2010
Where: Downstairs in room 103
Cost: Free!
Perks: Free childcare will be available in room 117.

Join us for an informal course on Canadian citizenship. Topics will include:

  • Parliamentary government
  • The federal state
  • Powers of provincial and national governments
  • Canadian and American governments
  • The Rule of Law and the Courts
  • Institutions of the federal government
  • How does parliament work?

For more information, contact Scott Morgan at 604-839-7268

Garibaldi Garden builds!

The Garibaldi garden is well on its way to a new shed and a composter. These will help us care for our garden, a place where our school and neighbours gather to grow, learn and celebrate. Check out the pictures and the story here:

Garibaldi Garden Build Day

Coddle or let the kid cry? New research awakens the sleep-training debate

Do you respond to your baby's night time crying or do you let them cry it out. Below is a link to a Globe and Mail article on new research showing the cost in cognitive and behavioural problems from not responding to crying.

To read more click here

VP Bridget Browning Moves On

VP Bridget Browning Moves On

Vice Principal Bridget Browning presides at her final year-end gathering at Garibaldi before moving on to her new post as Principal of Henry Hudson Elementary. Ms. Browning lead Garibaldi through the acquisition of the Vancouver Learning Network and the Home Learners district programs.

Thank you, Bridget. We will miss you!

Year-end Party

Year-end Party

Division 2 Students kick back at the year-end party.
Photo by Jesse

Garibaldi PAC Raffle Tickets Now Available

Garibaldi PAC Raffle Tickets:
The raffle tickets are ready and one book of
12 tickets will be sent home with each student.
Tickets sell for 3 for $5. Each book is $20.
More tickets are available in the office and each book taken
must be registered with your name and the ticket numbers from each book.
Please note: Both sold and unsold tickets must be returned
along with the money to the office by Monday June 07
Tickets need to be returned by Monday June 07
as the raffle will take place after the Potluck dinner
Tuesday June 08
(Our goal is to sell at least one book per student)

Please note: Both sold and unsold tickets must be returned
along with the money to the office by Monday June 07

Garibaldi Pac Meeting Minutes April 13th 2010

Garibaldi Pac Meeting Minutes
April 13th 2010
Call to order at 6:30 pm April 13th 2010
Roundtable introduction/ Agenda Review
George, Bridget, Barbara, Monique, Kate, Scott, Nadine, Hal, Fenton, Leanne, Tony, Ginette, Alex
Adoption of meeting minutes
will be done next meeting could not print
Financial update and Playground
Gaming ­
$39.74 after commitments
$136.82 after commitments
Short $863.38
Up date from Hal's meeting with GM of Starbucks. We have received $700 from Starbucks. There
was a miss communication on limits and time aloted. We are talking about having Starbucks come
again for other events.
The picture was framed and dilivered to Starbucks.
Spring Raffle
Actions for April
Tally of donations by April 27th

Garibladi Pac meeting minutes March 16th, 2010

Garibladi Pac meeting minutes
March 16th, 2010
Call to order: 6:30pm March 16, 2010
Round table introduction
Hal Milne, Tuyen, Keira, Laura Moino, Teresa Pan, Allan Lum, George Sortori, Ginette,
Anna Liguori, Bridget Browning, Lori Popadiuk.
Adoption of meeting minutes of February 20, 2010
Financial Updat and Playground
There is $1,122.80 in the Pac fund. Pac has approved to use these access funds towards the
VSB will receive first instalement of of $28,860.63 on March 19, 2010. This amount is
90% of the amount owed. The VSB had requested 95% by this date. There will be an
outstanding amount of $1,798.17.
Hal is meeting with the GM of Starbucks March 18, 2010 for an update and ask for the
possibility of payement soon.

Garibaldi PAC Meeting Minutes: February 02, 2010

Garibaldi PAC Meeting Minutes:
February 02, 2010
Attendees: Bridget Browning -Teacher rep., Shannon Hobson- Teacher rep.,
Hal Milne - Chair Tuyen Nyugen - Treasurer, Leannne wong, George Satori, Jill Earthy,
Nancy McLean, Teresa Pan, Fenton Fong, Nilda Vescovi and her colleague Sonja - Frog Hollow Reps.
Round table introductions and Agenda review,
Fruit Snacks program- Ginette and Leanne to get food safe accreditation and
will implement for next year.
Dishwasher: Must be new and plumbed by VSB. Bridget suggested a portable dishwasher
may be appropriate for convenience and cost effectiveness. Due to budgetary commitments
already in place this item will not be considered until next school year.
Financial Update: Tuyen provided an update on the accounts, Funds have been allocated

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